What does over 55 living really mean?

‘Over 55 Living’ is a phrase we’re hearing a lot right now. It’s a hot topic, and an even hotter lifestyle option for young and active retirees.


Forget the traditional retirement model of living in your family home until you feel it’s time to move into an assisted living complex. With a huge number of over 55 retirement communities popping up in some of Australia’s best locations, you can start your active retirement early in a brand new home, and in many cases, right by the beach!

This trend has already seen thousands of like-minded over-55s gathering together in luxurious communities to happily enjoy their golden years in a spacious, lower stress and companionable environment.

Most simply, over 55s living means:

1. Security:

Most over 55 lifestyle villages provide you with the comfort of a gated community, meaning that you have peace of mind when both home and away.

2. Community:

You’ll meet new friends and build relationships with people who share your interests and who are at the same stage in life as you are. Many communities have a great variety of activities to keep you busy, while also offering a range of facilities for use when you aren’t feeling so social.

3. Affordability:

Over 55 lifestyle communities can be surprisingly affordable! The affordable entry point may allow you to downsize from your family home into a brand-new designer home, lessen the burden of home maintenance, all while freeing up equity to help fund your retirement lifestyle.

4. Enjoyment:

That’s what retirement is really about, right? And what’s not to enjoy about making new friends, enjoying affordable luxury, and sharing a combined sense of community and security, whilst you sit back and soak up your golden years?