The who, what and why of Downsizing

Downsizing is a term we hear thrown around a lot, but what actually does it refer to, and why all the fuss?

WHO is included in “downsizing”?

While downsizers can loosely refer to anyone sizing their living accommodation to a smaller dwelling, the term usually refers more specifically to those who are:

  • Aged 55+
  • Working or retired
  • Empty nester whose children have moved out of the family home
  • Now living alone for other reasons

WHAT does downsizing mean?

Downsizing usually refers to those that are moving from the family home to a more suitably appropriate accommodation; either in terms of size, lifestyle or location.

WHY is downsizing so popular?

It might be surprising just how many benefits people find they can enjoy after downsizing their home.

  • Less maintenance, freeing up time
  • Free up capital to fund an improved lifestyle
  • Moving closer to family or friends
  • Health reasons
  • A change in lifestyle
  • Setting up for the future

For tips on downsizing, check out our post and video from the highly sought-after downsizing guru, Rachel Lane below.