The 3 Best Reasons to try Regional Coastal Living in NSW

For many people, regional living can seem a little daunting. It’s something unknown, and very different to the city-based lifestyle that you may be used to. However, making the switch can provide an appealing change of pace as you move into the longer days and brighter nights that regional life offers.

If you have never tried it, we encourage you to take a step into the world of regional living, with three of the best reasons to experience it sooner rather than later:

1. You have room to breathe

If it’s space you are after, regional living has exactly what you need. One of the most beautiful aspects of breaking free from the city limits is the ability to enjoy the wide-open spaces around you, and the peace and quiet that comes with it. Depending on which direction you travel, your regional home could delight you with bird songs, or with the sounds of the ocean crashing onto the shore. Sometimes, it will surprise you with both! The freedom from crowds of people and bustling traffic may be an adjustment at first, but it can provide a lifelong benefit for your mind and soul.

2. You’ll make meaningful friendships

Maybe you know your neighbours. Maybe you don’t. That’s just the way it goes in the city. On the other hand, regional living is almost synonymous with the community; one of the most important, and enjoyable aspects of a happy and healthy life. Whilst you may miss some things about city life, the many things you can gain from regional living – including the people you meet and the friendships you build – can far outweigh the proximity and endless dining opportunities afforded to you elsewhere.

3. The nights really ARE brighter

You simply need to experience the wonders of the regional night skies. Without the overpowering city lights to blind you, the skies are clear and uninterrupted, and you’ll be able to glimpse the galaxy like you never have before. From meteor showers to shooting stars, there is no such thing as smog to obscure your view of each and every constellation. And the real beauty is that you won’t need an observatory to enjoy it all – your own front yard will do just fine!