Spotlight on: Life at Clifton

Summer and the holiday season is always a busy time of year, and we’re delighted to show you what our residents have been up to at Clifton Old Bar.

Beyond the list of events, places and gatherings is a feeling of community and connection that is unique to living at a Clifton resort. Residents describe living here as feeling like you’re constantly surrounded by a tight-knit community of like-minded people, all looking to get the most out of life!

Over the holiday season, our Social Committee arranged a Clifton social club outing to Club Old Bar for Christmas, a tour and lunch at the Taree Motorcycle Club and an Australia Day BBQ. Apart from these organised events, we also had a Holiday party in the Clubhouse, an impromptu gathering on Christmas Day for those who weren’t away visiting friends and family, and a last-minute celebration that flowed out from people’s homes on New Years Eve.

For those looking for friendship, a sense of community and to live an active and full life, over 55s communities have so much to offer. But don’t just take our word for it, browse through some of our recent Google Reviews to hear what our residents say in their own words.