Highlights from Our First Clifton Residents Feedback Survey

We recently conducted our very first Clifton Residents Feedback Survey. This survey was a great way for our residents to have a formal way to share their thoughts and experiences, beyond the day to day contact they have with our onsite Community Manager, and we enjoyed hearing what everyone loves about life here at Clifton!

Here’s a glimpse into what we discovered:

Quality of Life: When asked about the quality of life at Clifton, a resounding 100% of residents gave high satisfaction ratings… what a high five moment to know that living at Clifton really is achieving what we set out to create with our community!

Community Engagement: One of the highlights of our survey was the impressive level of community engagement. A remarkable 74% of our residents participate in communal activities and events at Clifton more than once a month, with 43% actively engaging more than once a week.

Favourite Activities: Our monthly music night and Friday Happy Hour emerged as the most popular activities at Clifton, followed closely by the Clifton Connection Morning Teas where we invite our community to come together to meet new faces, and have the opportunity to connect in an easy and informal way.

Satisfaction with Communal Facilities: We’re proud to announce that 88% of residents expressed high satisfaction with the communal facilities at Old Bar. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team in maintaining top-notch amenities for our community to enjoy.

Value for Money: 88% of residents reported being either very satisfied or extremely satisfied with the value for money of their home at Clifton.

A Strong Sense of Community: Perhaps one of the most heartwarming findings was that 96% of residents agreed with the statement: “At Clifton, I feel part of a community.” This sense of belonging is at the core of what we aim to achieve, and we’re so thrilled that our residents reaffirmed this.

Anecdotal feedback: A lot of the anecdotal feedback we received in the survey, and via written testimonials supported the statistical results of these communal initiatives to improve connection and support in the community. Caring is what we’re all about, and it is so rewarding seeing these initiatives take shape in the community.

“This is not our first Community Living Home and we love the security, comradeship and ease of this lifestyle.”

“I feel very grateful for this beautiful environment created by such amazing hardworking individuals. I feel safe here and have an amazing home 🏡 which I absolutely love and am so proud of… I’m so very happy here and allowed to be me without any pressure at all. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else and many friends that visit love my choice indeed.👍👏👏👏👏

Benefits of living at Clifton

Many of the benefits our residents described about Clifton centred around feeling safe and secure, access to an enjoyable and easy lifestyle, our wonderful Community Manager Cathy, and the friendships within the community.

We’ll leave you with a pretty word cloud that summarises much of this feedback on what our community love about Clifton! The bigger the word, the more times it was mentioned… and the smaller the word, the less it was mentioned.