Clifton Old Bar is blooming

Spring at Clifton Old Bar is an exciting time! The trees and landscaping are continuing to bloom and grow, and our new homes are “sprouting” out of the ground.

Our most recent Stage 1 residents have settled happily into the neighbourhood, and we have our first group of Stage 2 residents already preparing to move in very soon. Only a small number of Stage 2 sites remain unreserved, so be sure you get in touch with Tracey if you’d like to secure your spot.

Springtime in the community means warmer days and more daylight hours to enjoy, with twilight games of Croquet and Bowls on the agenda for this time of year.

One of the wonderful aspects over the past few months has been seeing the friendly atmosphere take root at Clifton. After a particularly fun gathering last month, one of our residents commented “I was in another village for 11 years before coming to Clifton, and not once did I have a day like today.”

We are so happy to see that our early residents have laid the foundations for a future at Clifton that is centred around Care, Community and Friendship.