Stage 3 Momentum

There has been great excitement and lots of wonderful feedback following the announcement of the Stage 3 release at Clifton Old Bar. We have been absolutely thrilled with the response so far…it has only been a few short weeks since the stage was released, and already over half of the 29 available homes are sold or reserved!

It is no wonder then that after a well-earned break over the Christmas period, our construction team have hit the ground running in 2021! The civil works for Stage 3 are well underway, extending power, water, roads and other essential infrastructure from Stages 1 and 2 into the designated Stage 3 area. Once this is complete, the next step will be to build the homes, and we know how excited our new purchasers are to see this happening. Delivery of these homes will begin very soon, so the countdown for our incoming Stage 3 residents can well and truly begin!