10 things to do in Retirement

What do you think of when you hear the word retirement? For some it might be long walks on the beach, for others it might be taking up a new hobby or finally finding time to read that pile of books next to your bed.

The circumstances of each person’s retirement is unique, but if you are fortunate to be in a position to retire in good health, with few burdens or dependents in your life, then now is your time…

So much of our lives up until retirement are spent doing the things we have to do (like school, work, and other obligations) that we should look at retirement as an opportunity to embrace life as a new chapter with unlimited possibilities and opportunities!

Each person will have their own agenda for retirement, but we thought we would pull together a list of some of the popular “to dos” we hear most.

  1. Stay (or get) fit;
    There is nothing more important than health, and the research is widely known that being active contributes to a healthy body. Start small, and find a way to be active that is enjoyable for you. (Here is some info about keeping active whilst at home during COVID-19 restrictions).
  2. Family;
    Now is the time to enjoy those you hold dear in your life. Whether it’s looking after grandchildren or reconnecting with relatives, there is a great joy that comes from the company of familial connections.
  3. Take up a new hobby;
    Croquet, bridge, craft, gardening or lawn bowls. The list of hobbies is endless so try out a few before settling on one that suits your nature. For some they prefer to find hobbies where they have the opportunity to be social, and others prefer something that can be done solo.
  4. Clean out / declutter;
    Your home, your garage, and life in general. Decluttering is often put in the “later” pile, but can often be quite therapeutic and enjoyable.
  5. Travel;
    Day trips, road trips or longer trips. Release yourself of the schedule of obligation and explore new areas.
  6. Volunteer work;
    There are so many diverse organisations that could do with a helping hand. Search for those in your community, and find a cause that is meaningful to you
  7. Read more;
    Reading is one of the joys of life. Whether it is a Romance novel or fascinating biography… reading enriches the mind and can be so enjoyable once you find something that you enjoy.
  8. Enrol in a course;
    Thanks to technology, you can find a course for almost anything on the internet! Taking a course is an enjoyable highlight to look forward to each week, and helps build new skills.
  9. Get in touch with your spiritual side;
    Take up yoga, find a daily time to meditate and increase your mindfulness and ability to be in the present. Retirement is a great time to learn these skills.
  10. Write;
    Retirement is a wonderful opportunity to reflect back on some of the highs and lows of life. A time to capture your memories, life lessons and journey.